Mana Montessori is a community early childhood service in Endeavour Park, Whitby. We have been providing high quality education in the Porirua Basin for over 25 years.Our programme is carefully designed to meet the needs of children from 2½ to 6 years we offer an attractive and stimulating learning environment, indoors and out, led by highly trained teachers.  We endeavour to keep our charges as affordable as possible - contact us for full details.

  • Mornings only:          8.45am -  11.45am (Mon-Fri with Mon-Thurs option initially)
    Afternoons only:      12.30pm -  3.00pm (Mon to Thurs with Mon to Wed initial option)
    Full Days:                 8.45am -  3.00pm (4 or 4½ days a week with 3½ day option at first)

If you need longer hours of care for your child, we partner with Porse educators who can care for your child in their home and drop off at or collect your child from Mana Montessori.  These arrangements can continue when your child attends primary school with similar hours and terms to Mana Montessori.

Please read our latest excellent ERO report

Sandpaper Letters

Written language is an extension of spoken language and in Montessori begins with the concept that words are made up of sounds.

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